Following the swift suspension on Tuesday (27th February) of Amanda Hardy, an employee of Barkers Estate Agents Borehamwood branch, after it was discovered that she had published on Facebook a deeply offensive post, appearing to celebrate the death of Lord Rothschild, Barkers confirm that she is no longer employed or associated with the business.

The personal opinions, expressed in the offending and implied antiSemitic post, which has since been removed, were not only offensive to Jewish staff members, but the whole team including the directors, none of whom share these views and who were all shocked with disbelief at the hateful and inflammatory post.

Barkers has worked hard to build a coveted reputation for integrity and professionalism in the area for nearly 30 years, serving clients of all faiths and religions. It is with deep regret that this reputation has been sullied by one employee’s shameful and unacceptable breach of the company’s well established, Code of Conduct and Social Media policy.

Understandably Barkers has received a number of complaints about the now, ex-employee’s personal Facebook post. These are acknowledged and, in the short time since she was suspended, Barkers have attempted to reassure most of these, that firm and decisive action would ensue; taking account of employment laws for dismissal.

Despite the furore and distraction this incident has caused, the team at Barkers have been heartened and encouraged at the messages of support from mostly, the local Jewish community, others in Israel; including clients, past and present, neighbours, businesses and even some competitors, who know us and despite their dismay at the message content, recognise the strengths and enduring values of the Barkers’ brand, that will overcome this regrettable episode.

Barkers can be contacted on 01923 855266